Massage & Spa Treatments

Hot Stone Massage

60 min: $145 | 90 min: $170

Feel the warmth and energy of nature with heated river stones and evergreen essential oils as they soothe and melt away muscle aches and pains.

Integrative Massage

60 min: $125 | 90 min: $155

Therapeutic massage, often involving deeper pressure, which helps relieve stress in deeper muscles, fascia, and connective tissue. Ideal for the relief of tension and chronic pain.

Head, Hands and Feet Reflexology

60 min: $125

This holistic treatment focuses on the three overly stressed extremities of the body. An extensive head, hands and foot massage that helps dissolve blocked energy, improve circulation and restore balance.


30 min: $55

  • Foot Massage: Revitalize tired feet with targeted techniques to relieve tension and improve circulation.
  • Scalp Therapy: Experience deep relaxation and stress relief through soothing scalp manipulation and nourishing treatment.
  • Head and Neck Massage: Alleviate tension headaches and neck strain with focused attention on these high-stress areas.
  • Face Therapy: Rejuvenate your complexion and relax facial muscles with gentle, circulation-boosting techniques.

To book a service, contact the front desk with at least 24 hours' notice. A $75 fee applies for cancellations or no-shows without proper notice.